​Gunner's Story 

  • Gunner's story has been highlighted by Zoetis in 2017 for his response to treatment provided at Westmoreland & Slappey Animal Hospital

  • Gunner developed a severe allergy, which caused a hot spot

  • Gunner was diagnosed with pyoderma secondary to allergic dermatitis; he was given CONVENIA for the infection and APOQUEL for the itch

  • Within 24 hours, Gunner had stopped scratching and rolling on the floor and was lively and playful again

“ Once I left the clinic knowing that the injection from CONVENIA and the APOQUEL were on board initially, and I saw the relief in Gunner, I felt relief myself. ”

                                                                               – Gunner’s owner, 11/10/16

​Nani's Story 

  • Nani's story is featured on Zoetis' website because of her great response to Apoquel provided to her by Westmoreland & Slappey Animal Hospital

  • Nani, a 13-year-old rescue, had started to scratch constantly and chew her feet after spending time outside

  • She had formerly loved playing in the grass but she became reluctant to even go outside because of her severe grass allergy

  • Dr. Hutchens reached for APOQUEL first to provide fast relief for Nani's scratching, which stopped after just one dose

“ Nani is my heart, my soul, my protector. And I would do anything for her. We can do the things that she and I love to do…. with APOQUEL, I have no worries at all. ” 

                                                                              -Nani’s owner, 11/10/16

"Anyone who is new to the area and may be looking for a vet clinic, Westmoreland & Slappey is the way to go. It is refreshing to know there is a vet clinic/hospital in the Warner Robins area where the people are as good as their practice. I recently PCS'd to Robins AFB and had no idea where to take my dog. We got extremely lucky we found Westmoreland & Slappey Animal Hospital. Every chance I get I will recommend Westmoreland & Slappey Animal Hospital.

Matt Goodin

"Thanks to Westmoreland & Slappey Animal Hospital, our yorkie, Hoagie is alive today. Just picked him up from the hospital yesterday and he is doing wonderfully. I was devastated after he slipped out the front door and to the driveway. I hit him with my car. Dr.Westmoreland and their wonderful veterinary staff saved his life. Dr.Westmoreland was honest, up front and practical regarding our options. I trust him, Dr.Slappey and Dr.Hutchens with any of my babies. They treated him with love, affection and exceptional care. Thank you Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital staff!"

Robin Sisco

"I have been going to see Dr.Scott Westmoreland ever since he opened the practice. I moved, used another vet and knew I had made a mistake. I now drive 40 miles one way to see the best group in the area. I would trust my pets with NO ONE  else!!!! He and his staff are the MOST caring group I've ever been associated with. Their response to their customers' needs is absolutely above and beyond!!!!"

Beverly Spillers

Owner of By The Pond Kennels

Vienna, Georgia