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Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital offers clean, climate-controlled boarding facilities for your convenience. All pets are treated to daily exercise and lots of special attention. We provide high quality dog and cat food for our in-house guests unless food is provided from home. For your convenience, a boarding release form will be emailed to you once you've booked your appointment to fill out and submit online

Medical Services

On-site Pharmacy: Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital has an on-site pharmacy to make treatment of your pets more efficient. We carry a wide variety of medications necessary to keeping your pets healthy without the inconvenience of going to an outside pharmacist. If necessary, we can order special medications and receive them within 1 to 2 business days. We carry an assortment of flea and tick preventatives including Simparica, and Bravecto. We also have multiple options for heartworm prevention including Interceptor, Revolution, and the six month heartworm injection, Proheart 6.

Preventative Healthcare: Whether your pet is just beginning life or has been with you for many years, it requires special care to assure its health and well being. At Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital we strive to provide the best treatment necessary including yearly wellness visits, vaccinations, parasite evaluation and prevention, heartworm testing and prevention, and nutritional support.









Digital Radiography (X-ray): Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital is proud to be one of the

few animal hospitals in this area with digital x-ray. Regular radiographs (x-rays) rely on cassettes and

film that must be developed to produce a picture (very similar to a 35mm camera). This process can

take up to 15 minutes, time which can be crucial in critical patients. With digital x-ray, a patient’s images

can be seen almost instantaneous. This allows for quicker diagnosis and treatment of your pet

Ultrasound: With one of the few ultrasounds in the area, Westmoreland and Slappey

Animal Hospital provides a unique diagnostic service to its patients. Ultrasound uses

sound waves to produce an image of internal organs and structures within a patient’s

body. This non-invasive tool can be used for a wide range of procedures including

pregnancy diagnosis, examination of the kidneys, liver, and other abdominal organs,

and echocardiography (examination of the heart). Ultrasound can also aid in collecting

diagnostic samples, including tumor biopsies, without ever taking a patient to surgery.


Laser Surgery: Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital is pleased to offer laser as a surgical option. Laser surgery has been used in the medical profession for over 20 years and has been proven to be a safe and reliable alternative to traditional surgery using a scalpel blade.


Laser surgery has many benefits for your pet. With the laser, small blood vessels are sterilized and sealed as they are cut so there is less bleeding and reduced infection. There is less tissue trauma and less bruising post-operatively. In addition to reduced bleeding, the laser cauterizes nerve endings reducing the pain associated with the surgical site.


Dental Services: Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital recommends regular dental cleanings for healthy teeth and gums. Your pet’s teeth are similar to your own, requiring regular dental care, including brushing. As with many other diseases, prevention is the best medicine for diseases of the mouth, also known as periodontitis. We offer a variety of services and treatments for your pet with bad breath, discolored teeth, tartar build-up or other dental needs. Our complete dental package includes scaling, polishing, application of fluoride and a protective sealant.




Vet-Stem Regenerative Veterinary Medicine®: Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital is proud to offer stem cell therapy for your pet. Vet-Stem® Regenerative Stem Cells are natural healing cells derived from your pet’s own fat tissue. These cells are capable of differentiating into a variety of tissue types and have been proven to reduce pain and inflammation. Stem cells have also been shown to be effective in treating certain soft tissue and orthopedic injuries. Greater than 80 % of dogs with arthritis that have been treated with Vet-Stem® Regenerative Stem Cells show improvement in their quality of life. For more information contact our office at 478-987-4811 or visit




StemInsure®: We are excited to introduce StemInsure® for your pets. StemInsure® creates and banks a number of stem cells that can be cultured to provide a lifetime of stem cell therapy. Stem cells are capable of differentiating into a variety of tissue types and have the potential to treat a wide range of diseases including arthritis and soft tissue damage. StemInsure ® is a service provided by Vet-Stem®, the country’s first company to provide adipose-derived stem cell service for veterinary use. The benefits of StemInsure ® include: collection of stem cells while your dog is young and healthy, one fat collection can provide a lifetime of stem cell therapy, reduced cost when compared to the standard Vet-Stem ® process. Adipose tissue used for StemInsure® can be harvested at the time your dog is spayed or neutered. For more information please call us at 478-987-4811 or visit


Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery: The doctors at Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital perform an array of surgical services ranging from spaying and neutering to abdominal exploratory surgery and fracture repair. Our patients are monitored closely during anesthesia, surgery, and recovery using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to ensure safe and uncomplicated surgical procedures. Routine surgeries are performed Monday through Friday.

On-site Laboratory: Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital is proud to

provide top of the line laboratory services. Our in-house laboratory equipment

allows us to provide quicker diagnosis of illness, as well as monitor your pet’s

progress more efficiently. We use the most up to date CBC, blood chemistry,

electrolyte, and urinalysis equipment available that can produce results within minutes.









Online Pharmacy: In addition to the extensive on-site pharmacy, Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital also offers an online pharmacy for your convenience. Prescription medications, pet foods and supplies can be ordered directly from our website. These products can be mailed directly to your home, saving time, gas, and money.



High Quality Dog and Cat Food: Westmoreland and Slappey Animal Hospital carries a

wide variety of high quality pet foods. We can also special order food for your

convenience. You may also order food through our online pharmacy that will be shipped

directly to your home.